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About us

What does Xthermix do?

We offer the rental of electric heat radiators for the extermination and eradication of bed bugs in a single treatment, killing insects and their eggs at all stages of their life cycle.

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Area of Coverage

We offer the rental of heat radiators for bedbug treatment in Greater Montreal. If you live outside our coverage area, contact us by email at support@xthermix.ca to find a solution that suits you.

In case of a emergency, call us immediately at (438) 728-1947


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Do you have a bed bug infestation?

Contact us to rent our machines, save money and keep your furniture and mattresses.

The quick and efficient solution

Our radiators are designed to generate heat, especially to penetrate walls and impregnate infested areas.

What are the benefits from our heat treatment?

Completely eliminates bedbugs at each stage of their life cycle

Single treatment only

100% guaranteed efficiency

No pesticide used. Eco-friendly treatment.

Personal furniture and personal belongings remain in the treated area

Hypoallergenic approach

Introductory offer! Enjoy a


discounts on our package.