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Bed bug extermination in Montreal

For a long time, bed bugs have been a big problem that is difficult to solve. As you know, they are small brown insects that bite the skin to feed on blood, and although bed bugs are not known to spread a lot of diseases, they can cause economic, public health or other problems.

At Xthermix, we are aware of all that bed bugs can cause and, based on that, we have what you need. It is important to note that we are not an extermination company, but we do offer the essential tools to control this silent pest, all at once.

To do this, we offer the rental of electric heaters. With this clothing, we seek to achieve the extermination and eradication of bugs bed in a unique process, where the insects and their eggs are eliminated in all stages of their life cycle. If you are interested in knowing more about it, you will like this article.

Basic information about bed bugs

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs are small, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. They do not fly, but move very fast on any surface. In addition, females can lay many tiny, dust-like eggs.

Bedbug life cycle

Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs can enter your home when you least expect it, through luggage, clothing, sheets, couches or other items from others, or when you are traveling. The flat appearance of bed bugs allows them to get into small spaces, such as credit cards or wallets.

These bugs tend to live in groups. Their first hiding places are usually mattresses, bed frames or easily accessible places to sting people at night. Later, they can spread out in the bedroom or move around the house.

Keep in mind that bed bugs live on blood, so having them in the house does not mean dirt or mess. Bed bugs can live in completely clean homes or in top quality hotels. Based on the above, bed bugs can appear anywhere, but at Xthermix we have the best choice.

When do bed bugs bite?

Bed bugs are most active at night. They bite people while they are asleep by piercing the skin and drawing blood through their long, needle-like beaks. The bites are usually painless, but then they turn into hives that multiply or swell, much like mosquito bites.

Fighting Bed Bugs

To fight bed bugs, you must consider many space factors. Based on this, remember that bed bugs have a solution and can be eradicated very easily with the right supplies.

Make sure you

When hiring a bed bug eradication service, you should make sure that it is bed bugs, and not fleas or any other insects. We recommend that you consult an expert on the subject to learn how to identify them, or to compare photographs with the insect you may find in your home.

Don’t Panic

Don’t be afraid of bed bugs. On the contrary, panicking can lead to decisions you may regret. You don’t have to throw away all your belongings, because most of them can be saved. If you throw things away, you can spread bed bugs and cause them to proliferate.

Reconsider all options

There are many options on the market to treat bed bugs, but you should not immediately resort to sprays, as they pollute and are not 100% effective. The best option you have is heat treatment, which we’ll talk about later.

Reduce the number of hiding places

To reduce hiding places, you need to keep the house tidy. In a tidy house, bed bugs are less likely to breed, and treating them, if they do breed, will be easier.

Wash and dry regularly

To avoid problems with bed bugs, you should regularly wash and dry sheets or any other clothing that comes in contact with the floor. Remember that bed bug eggs or bed bugs themselves can hide in laundry baskets.

Use the heat treatment method

Heat to eradicate bed bugs, in Montreal, is the best solution, but you have to be careful. To do this, you will have to occupy a specialized team, which generates very high temperatures, to achieve a good heat treatment.

Do not transmit bedbugs

If you have found bed bugs in your home, it is important not to give away furniture or mattresses without a proper check. If the problem persists, you will have no choice but to destroy everything you think is necessary.

There will be no more problems with bitesThere will be no more problems with bites

By reducing the presence of bed bugs, bites will also be reduced. To achieve this, using a vacuum cleaner will help you control these bugs. If you have problems, you don’t know what to do, then contact us. Here we have the best professionals, so you can achieve what you have set out to do.

What is the heat treatment method?

Something that is very well known is heat, as a transcendental element when it comes to exterminating bed bugs. Heat in the form of steam can be used, for example, in carpets or upholstered furniture where access is very difficult or where bed bugs can hide very easily.

Why choose the heat treatment method?Why choose the heat treatment method?

At Xthermix we are aware of the importance of the heat treatment method to eradicate bed bugs. So, the question remains, why choose the heat treatment method?

First of all, bed bugs are not resistant to high temperatures. This is independent of their stage of development. Also, it is completely ecological and safe for your health as well as your family’s.

Also, you only need one treatment, which takes 4-6 hours to process (i.e., you can return to the treated area the same day, without any problems). And finally, the process requires little preparation, but the results are undeniably impeccable.

Recommendations for hiring an expert in Montreal

To hire an expert to exterminate bed bugs in Montreal, you need to see their sacrifice. In addition to their extensive and constant training on the subject, multiple relationships in the professional field, goals and commitments of rigor, with willingness and ability to communicate … with all this, an expert who advises you is the best option.

At Xthermix we are not an extermination company, but we do offer electric heaters, for rent, and at the best prices. Our experts are trained to advise you with the best tools to eradicate bed bugs, in one step.

If you are looking to eradicate bed bugs in the Montreal area, at Xthermix we rent heaters for bed bug treatment. If you live outside of our coverage area, write us or call us: with us you will find the solution you need, at the best price and with the best attention in the world.