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Say goodbye to bed bugs

If you have noticed the presence of bed bugs in your home, some actions can prevent the situation from getting worse. To solve your infestation problem quickly, call us and we will offer you a heat treatment according to your needs. This heat treatment is the most effective on the market and it will solve your bed bug problem.

Avoid Insecticide before heat treatment

Insecticides significantly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment by pushing bedbugs into hard-to-treat areas, such as underlay carpets and wall voids. Before heat treatment, do not use any kind of insecticides such as:

Pest control bombs



Insecticide powder

It is not necessary to remove items from the area that will be treating

Only remove garbage or waste that will be removed permanently

Furniture and random items must be at least 4 inches away from walls

Permanently remove all waste and unwanted items before treatment

Vacuum or sweep dust/pet hair as they are dangerous for our equipment and specialists

High power fans are used during this process; bulk papers must be arranged.

All items including clothing, shoes, bags, valuables taken with the occupant on the day of the heat treatment must be carefully inspected and/or disinfected before bringing it back to the treated area.

If present, remove litter boxes from the floor.

Heat-sensitive items should be clearly labeled and left outside the treatment area.

Disinfect and remove vinyl or fake wood blinds because of the low heat tolerance.

Disconnect all electronic devices except big appliances.

Attention to clothing

Bed bugs often seek shelter in or under piles of clothes. Stacks of clothing should be hung on hangers or arrange before starting treatment.

Open all drawers and unpack all overfilled areas. Remember ... Airflow is the key!

Large blankets and bed covers can be draped over interior doors to prevent bedbug to go there and improve the efficiency of treatment.

Wash bedding with hot water followed by a high heat drying cycle. After drying, remove and immediately place them in a garbage bag and seal the bag by twisting the bag excess and wrapping with tape. Think, "loaf of bread".

The treatment is safe and ecological

It is recommended to:

Remove pets and plants (including fish aquariums).

Remove fresh and/or perishable foods.

Remove all pressurized items - lighters, sprays, fire extinguishers, etc.

Remove or place medications or vitamins in the refrigerator.

Remove wooden and corded instruments - cases can remain area treated.

Remove all flammable products - fuel, alcohol, solvents, etc.

Remove make-up kits and other cosmetic related items.

Remove candles.

Note: This is very important. Household furniture and irreplaceable items must be inspected and a decision must be made to decide whether they can remain in the treatment area or not.

Very important

Do not use cardboard boxes as a container for items left inside the heat treatment area, use plastic bins.

Airflow is the most critical aspect to this process, over-packed closets and messy rooms can inhibit the process.

Got Clutter?
The best friend of bed bugs

When your clutter starts to pile up, beware of bed bugs growing.

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