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Prevent bed bugs

How do you prevent bed bugs?

Bed bugs and their eggs creep into clothing, furniture or suitcases, so they can be transported wherever these objects are taken. For they are small, they tend to hide in cracks and crevices during the day, making it very easy for them to contaminate your home or any area.

Prevent bed bug infestation

You can take certain preventive measures, especially if you travel frequently, to prevent this pest from invading your home or business.


In your hotel room or dormitory

With the number of guests entering and leaving your hotel or dormitory, it is almost impossible to completely prevent bed bug contamination. However, there are different ways to avoid an infestation and prevent the spread from room to room thanks to early detection:

    1. Train your staff to detect the most common signs of bedbugs.
    2. Be sure to include a deeper cleaning procedure in each bedroom, a thorough check for bed bugs, from under beds, the corners of the room, in and under the furniture.
    3. Set up a procedure for reporting bed bugs.
    4. Inspect the rooms nearby to verify if the bugs have spread.

Contact us immediately so we could set up a thorough inspection and bed bug protection program.

In your home

If you’re worried about bringing bed bugs back from your trip, there are steps you can take to avoid an infestation:

  1. Leave your luggage in your garage or bathroom. Bedbugs do not like tiling and concrete. Moreover, if they are present, you will see them more easily than on a carpet!
  2. If you are really worried, remove your clothes in the garage or bathroom, and then put them directly into the washing machine.
  3. Wash and dry your clothes at the highest possible temperature.

Professional treatment is always the best solution to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. However, as a precaution, you can put your suitcase in the sun, away from your home, for a few days, to eliminate bed bugs.
  2. Vacuuming can significantly reduce bedbug populations, but only when they are clearly visible. The vacuum cleaner can not guarantee a total elimination. Remember to empty and clean the vacuum cleaner to avoid transferring eggs to other rooms.

If you think you have bed bugs, contact us immediately at (438) 728-1947 or email us at Specialists will help you with the best treatment solution.